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until you suffer some fire and ice ark sz
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until you suffer some fire and ice ark sz

lately i can tell that something aint right
i dont see the fire when i look in your eyes
one time up, and the next time down
this may be the last time that you see me around, said

well it sure seems to me nothing matters tonight
and all those things we worked out, they got lost in the fight
its not enough, girl, that i gave you my soul
i just want to know if weve got anything left at all, and i say

hold on now, baby.
this could be the last time we stand
this could be the last time that we say good-bye
the picture shatters
i cant find the words to save it
tell me what to do, how can i make it right
we will always be fire and ice

well promises made in the heat of the night
you could sure spit them out, girl, but theyve long passed me by
nobody knows about the show you put me through
this could be the last time that i get through to you


well i cant stand to see no more damage done
but youll never understand until you suffer some, and i said....



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