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tragically unhip ark sz

im uneducated
my clothes outdated
im not politically correct

i still hate small talk
and fast cars and hard rock
still adds up my?

i should be expressing
all my inner repression
i guess depressions now a cultural thing

my record company says
blow my brains out my head
i make the cover of every magazine

step inside my nightmare
welcome to my trip
i cannot pretend and i will not defend
why this good old boys so tragically unhip

i still like bad girls
who rock me hard in my world
its monkey see and monkey do
when im?

i got an old waterbed
i like to trip into the dead
ive keep a poster of kiss on my wall

i still curse, smoke, drink and toke
and make love in the back of my car


i like that home grown
mind blowing
youre bringing
r rolling

they see strange stalking
mind stopping
ass swinging
street walking



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