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the devil inside ark sz

he swears hell love you by candlelight
and for a while things seem all right
and for a moment he hides
the devil that lies inside

and then one night in a fit of rage
the demon raises his hand in hate
and brings it down on you
there is nothing you can do

and then one night in a twist of fate
the angels bring your face to me
i cannot erase the memories
of you lying there looking up at me

please take the demon from my head
wont you please erase the memories
and ghosts who haunt my bed
i just want you to understand
that im gonna be the only man
to ever touch your soul
and i aint never letting go

theres a room that lies down the hall
where you sit and write you poems
of love and mystery
of faith and fantasy

and you keep a secret lover there
and a book beside an easy chair
that you read before you go to bed
to hide the memories in your head

and now i try to understand the pain
you struggle for the words to say
it dont come out right
as you lay your body down


theres a place where you go
ive been, ill never know
the pain you keep inside
the secrets that you hide

but i try to understand your pain
and be a shelter from the falling rain
just maybe i feel what youre going through
maybe i have been there too

please take the demons from my head
wont you please take the demons from my head
(i shall try)


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