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dwight yoakam, dwight yoakam arklar, dwight yoakam ark szleri
1., miles427
2.a long way home343
3.a thousand miles from nowhere403
4.aint that lonely yet483
5.always late with your kisses324
6.away in a manger530
7.baby dont go483
8.baby why not381
9.buenos noches from a lonely room she wore red dresses397
10.bury me duet with maria mckee385
12.come on christmas395
13.crazy little thing called love418
14.dangerous man366
15.doin what i did513
16.dont be sad544
17.fast as you385
18.floyd county359
19.gone thatll be me634
20.good time charlies got the blues448
21.guitars, cadillacs384
22.heart of stone317
23.heartaches by the number326
24.here comes santa claus481
25.here comes the night361
26.hold on to god357
27.home for sale420
28.home of the blues422
29.honky tonk man379
30.i dont need it done483
31.i got you352
32.i hear you knockin475
33.i sang dixie348
34.i wouldnt put it past me429
35.if there was a way324
36.it only hurts me when i cry337
37.it wont hurt664
38.ill be gone429
39.ill be home for christmas525
40.ill go back to her486
41.ill just take these494
43.johnsons love422
44.king of fools411
45.lets work together563
47.little sister344
48.little ways332
49.lonesome roads367
50.long white cadillac483
51.maybe you like it, maybe you dont399
52.miners prayer489
53.my buckets got a hole461
54.near you344
55.never hold you340
56.north to alaska413
58.nothings changed here473
59.one more name362
60.one more night596
61.only want you more310
63.please, please baby342
64.readin, rightin, route562
65.ring of fire495
66.rocky road blues416
67.run, run, rudolph394
68.sad, sad music355
69.same fool361
70.santa cant stay457
71.santa claus is back in town356
72.send a message to my heart441
73.send me the pillow329
74.silent night481
75.silver bells feat beth anderson385
76.since i started drinking again344
77.smoke along the track339
78.sorry you asked370
79.south of cincinnatti396
80.streets of bakersfield325
81.suspicious minds368
82.t for texas390
83.takes a lot to rock you312
84.thats okay498
85.the christmas song350
86.the curse373
87.the distance between you and me323
88.the heart that you own357
89.the last time330
90.the pocket of a clown359
91.these arms362
92.things change312
93.things we said today342
94.thinking about leaving368
95.this drinkin will kill me404
96.this much i know383
97.this time393
98.throughout all time379
99.tired of waiting for you362
100.train in vain318
101.travelers lantern499
103.try not to look so pretty362
104.turn it on, turn it up, turn me loose337
105.twenty years397
106.two doors down379
107.what i dont know462
108.wichita lineman386
109.wild ride381
110.yet to succeed537
111.youre the one476
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