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something to believe in ark sz

will i see him on the tv
preachin bout the promised land
he tells me to believe in jesus
and steals the money from my hand

some say he was a good man
but lord i think he sinned, yeah

twenty-two years of mental tears
cries a suicidal vietnam vet
who fought a losing war on a foreign shore
to find his country didnt want him back

their bullets took his best friend in saigon
our lawyers took his wife and kids, no regrets
in a time i dont remember
in a war he cant forget

he cried "forgive me for what ive done there
cause i never meant the things i did"

and give me something to believe in
if theres a lord above
and give me something to believe in
oh, lord arise

my best friend died a lonely man
in some palm springs hotel room
i got the call last christmas eve
and they told me the news

i tried all night not to break down and cry
as the tears rolled down my face
i felt so cold and empty
like a lost soul out of place

and the mirror, mirror on the wall
sees my smile it fades again


sometimes i wish to god i didnt know now
the things i didnt know then
road you gotta take me home


i drive by the homeless sleeping on a cold dark street
like bodies in an open grave
underneath the broken old neon sign
that used to read jesus saves

a mile away live the rich folks
and i see how theyre living it up
while the poor they eat from hand to mouth
the rich is drinkin from a golden cup

and it just makes me wonder
why so many lose, so few win


you take the high road
and ill take the low road

sometimes i wish to god i didnt know now
the things i didnt know then

and give me something to believe in


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