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say it ark sz

funky is as funky does
walked on over, there she was
standing by the jukebox
with her ear up against refused to hear

what im sayin, im only prayin
i just want to make sweet love to you
ooh ooh ooh

i wanna be your man
i got a plan
she said speak to the hand
she said im gonna rock your world, yall
oh oh oh
i-im gonna rock your world, yall

black or white, love or hate
you should get it off your chest
before its too late
say it, if you got something on your mind,
say it

you must learn to release your
i got a car, it go fast
keep fuzzy dice on the dash
gotta bumper sticker, it says peace
keep a gun under my seat
to protect you in case one of them bad guys come along
ooh ooh ooh
am i too rough, not rough enough
you like whips and chains, ill buy that stuff
oh oh oh

love or hate, skin black or white
gonna eat you up if you keep it inside
so say it
girl you got something on your mind, say it
baby am i not your type, say it
like wow, do you love me know, say it

like tiger sanchez, your latin lover
get up the nerve, gonna make a scene,
walk it on over like a sex machine
takin it to the floor, doin my funky dance,
show her the tiger thats in my what what
everybody funny, now you actin funny too
was it something i said, something ive done,
something that i do
did did i rock your world, yall
did did i rock your world yall

black white gay straight get raped
did it late religious gone love hate
stayed out way too late
say it, got something on your mind, say it
whats wrong baby, i aint your type, say it
why dont you love my now


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