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poor boy blues ark sz

my daddy said
"son, dont you come to me cryin
cause money dont make you a happy man"
he said the grass is always greener
any place except where you stand

he said some are born to win
and some born to lose
and sing them poor boy blues

watch out

ive lived uptown, downtown
lord ive lived everywhere
almost drowned in the puddle of my own sweat i swear
i believe its due time i get my mansion in ole bel air

but im still singin those poor boy blues
poor boy blues
you dont know how im feeling baby
until youre wearing my shoes
sure as im standing here
i got them poor boy blues

friday night i get tanked up
and tossed in the local slam
at least i get three square meals
until someone gets me out of this jam
in the meanwhile all my green
is going to uncle sam


walk this dog




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