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play dirty ark sz

the boys in the back room
billy shooting pool
trading dirty glances
with pretty boys playing cool

theyre putting down their whiskey
getting loaded tonight
its gettin kind of risky
theyre lookin to fight

if you want action
if you want a thrill
then take it down to jimmys bar and grill

and play dirty
and dirty games too
play dirty
like dirty boys do

tattoo willies happenin
he really makes a scene
hes got anything you like
if you know what i mean

troubles up when the heat comes down
cause down at jimmys
they dont mess around


come on, man, lets take this right outside
come on, sucker, hit it


the place is gettin restless
theres trouble in the air
all hells about to break loose
the dirty punks just dont care

if you want action, if you want a thrill
then take it down to jimmys bar and grill

chorus out


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