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party rock band ark sz

my album sucks, the critics say
i cant sing and i cant play
all i care about is sex and money
i look out-dated, i think thats funny

but im too shallow to really give a damn
cause i sing for a party rock band

in 86, fans ripped out my hair
now its 96, there aint none there
the girls used to talk dirty to me
but now it just really hurts when i pee

but im too stoned to really give a damn
cause i sing for my party rock band

bi-sexual girls, come get to know me
you can be my two and only
ill be your brain-damaged party rock man


my agent says i need publicity
told me act depressed, theyd take me seriously
so wrecked my car into a telephone pole
tried to date the singer from hole
but courtney didnt love me
dont they understand?

cuz im a shallow minded, sex cravin, dont
care about nothing unless im getting laid

party rock band.


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