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only time will tell ark sz

i just needed someone to hold
when the bottle was empty
and the nights grew cold

in my hour of darkness
in my time of need
you were my angel of mercy
and helped me to believe

you touched my soul
when i was lonely
you held me up
when i couldnt fly

theres no words could explain
how i feel inside
and this i tell you

in a world full of anger
and times gone strange
you held me close
you held me close to you

lay my head on your shoulder
i finally let it all out
it felt good for a moment
not living in a shadow of doubt

but everybody needs a little something
tu pull them through
i gave one for the other
and god know that the other was you

now only time will tell
only time will tell
if our love is scratched in sand
or if its etched in stone
only time will tell
only time will tell
if our love will stand
or walk the road along

my angel of mercy
pulled me through somehow
i just hope you know
i need you now


youre the one
that touched my very soul
the one who held on tight
god knows you never let go

angel of mercy
its time we closed the door
put out the lights
and burn the fire
burn the fire inside

angel of mercy
you pulled me through
and this i tell to you
god know id tell it to you


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