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look what the cat dragged in ark sz

i went to bed too late
and got up too soon
my poor head still spinnin
from too much booze

i got a foot in the gutter
a foot in the grave
i aint seen home
in the last three days

oh my god look what the cat dragged in
livin my life sin after sin
night rolls up and i do it again
oh my god, look what the cat dragged in

no tell, motel, hotel bed
if it wasnt for the sunlight id swear i was dead

i got a girl on the left of me
a girl on the right
i know damn well i slept with both last night

chorus, solo

im late for work on monday
and my boss is bitchin
cant get out of be
cause my heads still spinnin

my hairs in a rats nest
i look like hell
half alive or half dead,
i just cant tell

chorus out


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