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look but you cant touch ark sz

good girls go to heaven
bad girls go to hell
the rest of them get rich
and do just what they feel

well rich boys live in houses
and poor boys live in sin
the rest of them get married
and are never seen again

well let me tell a story explain the shape im in
the girl i had last night had never tasted sin
so i took her to my hotel where i tried to get my way
she said "wait a minute, bret, theres something i must say..."

she said if you wanna talk thats fine with me
but if you want more youd better let me be

cause you can look but you cant touch
cause the best things in life aint cheap
you can look but you cant touch
cause baby i aint for keeps

well maybe im a bad boy
ok, so ive been around the block
but i am good at one thing
and believe me it aint talk

she says you must be kidding
ive heard this all before
other girls might buy it
but i dont, thats for sure

now wait a minute baby
i dont want you to go
she said "dont get no closer
the answer still is no"

so i wined her, dined her, fancy talked
acted cool and smooth
got my hands around her shoulder
two inches from the move

well i guess im about as close as i could be
so i finally made my move, she just said to me


let me show you something
mmm, let me set the pace
slid my hand up her leg
as she slapped me across my face

cant blame a man for tryin
wantin action aint a crime
i didnt plan on spending money
just to get a piece of mind



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