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let me be the one ark sz

so you want to talk about the pain
talk to me, please explain
maybe i know what your going through

you got so much pain to hide
you keep it locked up deep inside
in a room no one gets to

i cant feel the way you feel
maybe i, ive got those same scars, same scars to heal
wish youve got to understand
i want to be the only man to
ever touch you baby
to ever...

ill be there should the sun go down
lift you up to a higher ground
let me in, let me be the one
ill be there should you fall from grace
wipe those tear drops from your face
i see no more damage done
baby, baby,
just let me be the one

i want to be the one to (shelter you),<------- correction
should the rains come down
never let you drown
ill pull you through

i want to hear you when you scream
be your prince when you dream
hold you close when you cry

i said...
i want to feel your love, your hate
should you be lost, ill bear your cross of pain
love seal your fate
ill comfort you in fits of rage
ill be the book you can turn the page, and
ill still love baby
ill still...


i gotta touch you ill see no more damage done
you gotta let me


i hear the hurt i hear the scars
you can lay your hand right down across my heart
then youll learn to understand
i want to be the only man to
ever touch you baby, ever touch you baby ever


ill be calm in fits of rage
hold you close in times of pain
i see more damage done
baby, baby, you got to let me be the one


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