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lay your body down ark sz

ive spent my life waiting
for that famous final scene
i believe you know the one--
when she falls in love with me

as for you, youve been fakin your smile
fillin your time
on small talk
and cheap wine
knowing in your heart there was someplace
that youd rather be

so right or wrong,
i wrote you this song
to tell you how i feel

dont put up no fight
you just turn off the lights
walk over here to me

and lay your body down on me
down on me tonight, oh yeah
oh, let your tears fall down on me
down on me tonight, oh yeah

as for me ive lied to, denied to
fight with, and tried to
apologize for all my ways
to all the women who were fool enough to fall
in love with me

you played your role
like a movie
got your lines for who is,
who was, who would be
somehow you lost track
while real love slipped away, yeah

so for tonight, just turn off the lights
and let those real feelings show
theres no wrong or right
but until you try
youre never gonna know


before you was mine
i was so lonely
aint it a shame
your heart must feel pain
before you get back on your feet again


so lets draw the blinds
forget wasted time
and let them old demons die
take ahold of my hand
then youd understand
why loves worth one more try

chorus out


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