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i want action ark sz

i want action tonight
satisfaction all night

i grab my hat and i
grab my shoes
tonight im gonna hit
the streets and cruise

down the main strip and
check it out
with those schoolgirls
a hangin around

now im a sucker for a pretty face
i dont care if shes in leather or lace
cause im just lookin for a little kiss

i want action tonight
satisfaction all night
youve got the love i need tonight

long legs and short skirts
these girls hit me where it hurts

i cant wait to get my hands on them
i wont give up until they give in

now im not lookin for a love that lasts
i need a shot and i need it fast
if i cant have her, ill take her and make her

chorus, solo

hey, sweetheart, slide on in here
no, not in the front, jump in the back
cause theres something back there i want to show ya
i want action tonight
satisfaction all night
ah, come on honey, i wasnt that bad!
oh, well

chorus out


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