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body talk ark sz

like this....ive never seen a woman baby
that looks quite the way you do
the way you shake that thing now honey,
cant take my eyes off you

the way you work it honey
it brings me to my knees
you give me what im looking for,
ill give you what you need
and i said

i got the one thing you want,
get it all night long
you got the one thing i need,
when your body talks
i hear it talking to me
say, get it all night long
woman why cant you see
youre my one thing

i got a world of trouble, baby
its going on inside my head
playing your game, got me half insane
trying to make sense of every word you said

stop beating around the bush
youre just wasting time
lets get down to the business honey
and lay it one the line
and i said


tell me the news,
lets hear your story
you think you got nothing to lose
you better use it up
before it gets old, baby
and becomes yesterdays news

chorus out


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