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ball and chain ark sz

come on, come on
get on your dress and put on a smile
lets lose this place
and get out awhile, awhile, awhile

you dont need nothin fancy
just a whole lot of attitude
ill be your man now baby
if youre doing what i want you to do

i keep on tellin ya

shes my ball and chain
my lock and key
and im liking it baby
shes my ball and chain
my lock and key
and im liking it good

ill t-t-t-tell ya
momma always said
there was plenty of fish in the sea
so i baited my hook but good
and caught one for me, just for me

shell set you up with her body
and then knock you out with charm
shes just a little too nasty baby
but that never did me no harm, no
i keep on telling ya


and shell always be wrapped tight around me
i t-t-t-tell ya


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