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bad to be good ark sz

theres an alley cat slowly walkin down a dirty street
watching a cop on the take marching to his city beat
you got five fingers johnny stealing everything in sight
you gotta be bad to be good in the dead of the night
wowowow, kick it

youre dancing in fire, baby
when youre takin it to the streets
yeah to the streets
baby better be better watch your back
fast on your feet

cause theyre wheelin dealin
cheatin stealin
child youre gonna learn

you gotta be bad to be good
if you know what im talkin about
whats that
so i say it again
you gotta be bad to be good
in the dead of the night

when you got nothin baby
you got nothin to lose, nothin to lose
its an eye for an eye baby
and a tooth for a tooth, aint it the truth

if you got nine lives you might survive
cause nothings free on the other side


wheelin dealin cheatin stealin
just to stay alive
they got love for sale, yes for sale
on the new york subway line
watch the working girls hanging out
turning tricks underneath the lights,
oh the lights

one step from hell
the poor men sell their soul
for a taste of wine


when its said and done
and youre on the run
and the only law comes under the gun


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