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days over you ark sz

well its friday night and im waiting
on your call girl, like i do
am i wasting my time by this telephone line
waiting on your call to come through

i should be already over you
tell me mama, what can i do
its been a long hard road that you put me through
seven days over you
seven days, seven days over you
seven days over you

kick it

i kick and fight for you baby
but thats never enough for you
youve been twisted and torn since the day you were born
you make a game of breaking hearts in two

now i want to give up but i dig the rush too much
i guess thats what love will do
so drag your heart-stopping mind trip downtown, girl
by friday night ill find someone new

lord knows what you put me through

already over you, tell me mama what can i do (repeat)

chorus out


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