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duran duran, duran duran arklar, duran duran ark szleri
1. is a joke395
2.a matter of feeling514
3.a new to a kill359
4.a view to a kill401
5.all along the water417
6.all she wants is344
7.american science422
8.anyone out there353
9.ball and chain406
10.ball of confusion425
11.be my icon395
12.big bang generation412
13.big thing368
14.breath after breath365
15.breath after breath includes translations447
16.buried in the sand522
17.burning the ground524
18.can you deal with it364
19.careless memories363
20.come undone419
21.come up and see me make me smile377
23.crystal ship387
25.diamond dogs364
26.do you believe in shame348
27.down town415
29.drive by1292
30.drowning man576
32.edge of america376
33.el diablo423
34.election day314
35.electric barbarella422
36.falling angel363
38.faster than light597
39.femme fatale336
40.first impression366
41.friends of mine372
42.get it on bang a gong365
43.girls on film371
44.go to zero428
46.goodbye is forever433
47.grey lady of the sea378
48.hallucinating elvis695
49.harvest for the world334
50.hold back the rain322
51.hold me456
53.hungry like the wolf383
54.i believe / all i need to know345
55.i dont want your love399
56.i take the dice342
57.i wanna take you higher479
58.i wanna take you higher again504
59.is there something i should know358
60.im looking for cracks in the pavement358
61.keep me in the dark374
63.lady ice395
64.lady xanax454
66.last chance on the stairway339
67.last day on earth381
68.late bar396
69.lay lady lay390
71.like an angel360
72.lonely in your nightmare323
73.lonely tonight378
74.love voodoo362
75.magic bus487
76.mars meets venus383
78.meet el presidente328
79.michael youve got a lot to answer for398
80.midnight sun373
83.my antarctica355
84.my own way583
85.new moon on monday357
86.new religion a dialogue between the ego and the alter ego363
88.none of the above332
91.of crime and passion400
92.ordinary world364
93.out of my mind349
94.out out of my mind377
95.p l you517
97.perfect day388
98.planet earth478
99.plastic girl463
100.playing with uranium370
101.pop trash movie363
103.read my lips367
104.rebel rebel337
106.save a prayer400
107.say the word353
108.secret oktober395
110.seven and the ragged tiger403
111.shadows on your side345
113.shotgun part song461
114.silva halo part song467
115.sin of the city354
116.sinner or saint383
117.skin trade367
118.so long suicide406
119.so misled428
120.some like it hot310
121.someone else not me343
122.sound of thunder350
123.starting to remember389
124.still in your heart346
125.stop dead413
127.tel aviv920
128.thank you360
129.the chauffeur398
130.the flame479
131.the needle and the damage done432
132.the promise354
133.the reflex414
134.the seventh stranger344
135.the sun doesnt shine forever457
136.the whom it may concern430
137.the wild boys492
138.this is how a road gets made374
139.tiger tiger717
140.time for temptation395
141.to the shore403
142.to whom it may concern356
143.too late marlene343
144.too much information342
146.undergoing treatment412
147.union of the snake396
148.venice drowning374
149.vertigo do the demolition352
150.violence of summer loves taking over450
151.watching the detectives376
152.water babies351
153.we need you385
154.white lines375
155.who do you think you are358
156.winter marches on359
157.yo bad azizi1117
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