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dream theater, dream theater arklar, dream theater ark szleri
1.a fortune in lies400
2.a mind beside itself359
3.a vision500
5.anna lee400
6.another day484
7.another won416
8.another world410
10.beyond this life360
11.blind faith379
12.burning my soul403
13.carpe diem521
14.caught in a web343
16.fatal tragedy422
17.hollow years394
20.innocence faded383
21.just let me breathe378
22.learning to live408
24.lifting shadows off a dream386
25.light fuse and get away402
26.lines in the sand386
27.march of the tyrant391
30.new millennium422
31.one last time420
32.only a matter of time389
33.peruvian skies433
34.pull me under430
37.six degrees of inner turbulence about to crash357
38.six degrees of inner turbulence about to crash reprise393
39.six degrees of inner turbulence goodnight kiss497
40.six degrees of inner turbulence losing time / grand finale386
41.six degrees of inner turbulence overture523
42.six degrees of inner turbulence solitary shell439
43.six degrees of inner turbulence the test that stumped them all398
44.six degrees of inner turbulence war inside my head425
45.space dye vest398
46.status seeker414
47.strange deja vu380
49.take away my pain413
50.take the time346
51.the crimson sunset414
52.the glass prison reflection379
53.the glass prison restoration379
54.the glass prison revelation373
55.the great debate342
56.the killing hand372
57.the mirror378
58.the ones who help to set the sun363
59.the spirit carries on401
60.through her eyes383
61.through my words632
62.too far539
63.trial of tears386
64.under a glass moon507
65.vital star412
66.wait for sleep379
67.you not me403
68.your majesty400
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