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dr feelgood, dr feelgood arklar, dr feelgood ark szleri
1. ways382
2.a touch of class363
3.all my love443
4.all through the city358
5.another man378
6.as long as the price is right433
7.baby jane568
8.baby why do you treat me this way369
9.back in the night365
10.because youre mine484
11.best in the world384
12.bonie moronie405
13.boom boom5524
14.break these chains347
15.bums rush380
16.case of the shakes328
17.cheque book350
18.close but no cigar477
19.coming to you365
20.crack me up458
21.crazy about girls401
23.date bait408
24.dont let your daddy know565
25.dont start me talkin524
26.dont worry baby528
27.double crossed389
28.down at the doctors392
29.down by the jetty blues345
30.drives me wild427
31.drivin wheel461
32.drop everything and run389
33.dust my broom364
34.educated fool343
35.every kind of vice374
36.feels good364
37.fool for you341
38.get your kicks on route411
39.gimme one more shot400
40.going back home349
41.going down685
42.going out west446
43.going some place else371
44.got my mojo working475
45.great balls of fire364
46.heart of the city384
48.hey mama keep your big mouth shut411
50.hit git and split529
52.hong kong money483
53.hoochie goochie man366
54.hunting shooting fishing316
56.i can tell424
57.i cant be satisfied552
58.i dont wanna know832
59.i dont worry about a thing505
60.i thought i had it made343
61.i wanna make love to you347
62.if my baby quit me325
63.if walls could talk338
64.instinct to survive360
65.it aint right521
66.it wasnt me510
67.im a hog for you476
68.im a real man507
69.java blues389
70.keep it out of sight352
71.killing floor359
72.lets have a party443
73.looking back338
74.love hound388
75.lucky seven372
76.lying about the blues371
77.mad man blues475
79.milk & alcohol349
81.murder in the st degree347
82.my buddy buddy friends452
83.my sugar turns to alcohol350
84.my way390
86.neighbour neighbour346
87.night time384
88.ninety-nine and a half wont do411
89.no mo do yakamo735
90.no time450
91.nothing like it318
92.nothin shakin but the leaves on the trees440
94.pretty face410
95.punch drunk382
96.quit while youre behind481
97.riot in cell block no347
98.rocking with somebody new367
99.rolling and tumbling429
100.saturday night fish fry328
101.see you later alligator1008
102.send for the doctor313
103.she does it right343
104.shes a wind up496
105.shes in the middle475
106.shes the one821
107.shotgun blues432
108.sixty minutes of your love375
109.sneakin suspicion562
110.so long425
111.something good384
112.spy vs spy396
113.standing at the crossroads again413
116.sugar shaker377
117.suzie q710
118.sweet louise422
119.sweet sweet lovin568
120.take a tip310
121.talk of the devil378
122.talk to me baby521
123.talkin bout you508
125.tell me no lies500
126.that aint the way to behave440
127.the feelgood factor352
128.the more i give355
129.the walk364
130.things get better599
131.time and the devil358
132.trying to live my life without you327
133.twenty yards behind355
134.violent love427
135.waiting for saturday night320
136.walking on the edge390
137.walking the dog351
138.watch your step798
139.who do you love356
140.wine women & whisky449
141.world keeps turning400
142.you dont love me575
143.you got me426
144.you gotta help me391
145.you shouldnt call the doctor453
146.you upset me baby408
147.youll be mine499
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