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dark sorceress winter siege ark sz
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dark sorceress winter siege ark sz

fort surrounded by waters during that winter of battles
those waters were covered by diamondlike ice
in that castle of stone under siege of curved sabres
it was so freezing, so cold and no food

sorceress of that castle got an idea to help
them away from the hunger to the victory of war
she just needed to practice sex magic with the warlord
lord from enemy side to fulfill victory rite

so she started to enchant warlord from enemy camp
young warlord seemed to fall in love with sorceress
but he was just pretending - he was magician too
by the science of sorcery he knew the attempt for deceit

so he was acting like falling in love with the sorceress
and finally she asked him to meet her in the dark
in the darkness secretly at the gates of castle
she promised to give herself for warlord

warlord took his warriors along to the gates
those warriors were hiding in the shadows of the walls
sorceress opened theg ate for warlords entering
but too late she noticed attack of enemy

fortunately for that castle and for defenders of it
guard noticed the intruders, so he alarmed all soldiers
after short battle enemy was killed
sorceress was arrested as a traitor of the land

she was sentenced to the sentence of death
she was put to prisonment. her dungeon was walled up
and she died in that dungeon, but she set infernal curse
epidemic arrived - most of warriors died

that fort still stands in middle of dark waters
and every dead of the night a phantom of sorceress
wanders at those corridors, haunts in those huge halls
and you can hear the echo of her sobbing from the walls...


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