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doro, doro arklar, doro ark szleri
1.a whiter shade of pale373
3.all i want420
4.all we are498
5.alles ist gut395
6.angels with dirty faces380
7.are they comin for me421
8.bad blood430
9.beyond the trees477
10.bis aufs blut549
11.born to bleed401
13.brutal and effective416
14.burning the witches406
15.cant stop thinking about you466
17.ceremony mix by die krupps446
18.cool love532
19.cry wolf411
22.do you like it430
23.dont go409
24.dont mistake it for love581
25.east meets west live362
26.enough for you381
27.even angels cry425
28.eye on you399
29.fall for me again355
30.fur immer525
31.gettin nowhere without you441
32.hard times462
33.hear me411
34.heartshaped tattoo450
35.heaven with you410
38.i am what i am399
39.i dont care454
40.i had too much to dream399
41.i know you by heart424
42.i want you back363
43.in freiheit stirbt mein herz376
44.ill be holding on492
45.ill make it on my own452
46.kiss me goodbye451
47.last day of my life460
48.light in the window413
49.like an angel567
50.like whiskey straight424
51.live it422
52.long way home358
53.love is a thrill401
54.love me in black576
55.love song598
56.machine ii machine435
58.mission of mercy387
59.only you751
60.out of control392
62.poison arrow398
63.prisoner of love472
64.rare diamond430
65.river of tears576
66.rock on513
67.save my soul500
68.so alone together397
69.something wicked this way comes383
70.tausend mal gelebt421
72.the fortuneteller339
73.the want402
74.tie me up395
75.true as steel408
76.under the gun361
77.unholy love581
78.welcome to the tribe445
79.whithout you335
80.with the wave of your hand438
81.world gone wild581
82.you aint lived till youre loved to death419
83.you gonna break my heart599
84.you hurt my soul458
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