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the suffering ark sz

a life of pain i have lived
a death of pain i will give
my victims i chose with ease
the people i feel are the disease
so now the time has come
and now your time has done
the chambers i am now preparing
to witness al of your suffering

ripping carving shredding
burning stretching tearing
stabbing slashing severing
gouging tasting your flesh

you lie in pain
your flesh
i carve away
i carve more
you rblood
i will spill
as you rot in hell
in you pain
i will dwell
carnal toast
your life
now has seased

thoughts of death enter your brain
for your god you now pray
no release from your pain
your mind decays

your flesh and veins carved away
with presition so to save
all to keep none to waste
your flesh decays

your mind decays

your mind for your soul
your flesh for your soul
your bones for your soul

i cant wait to experience and take your soul
through you flesh and your mind i will roar
i cant wait to taste and savor your flesh
to watch while your blood spills from your chest
i cant wait to cause your death
crawl right in and take your breath
i cant wait to feel your pain
and witness all of your suffering


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