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boiled in blood ark sz

extracted for centuries
viles of blood
they have seized
for their purpose
a malicious crime
plotted since the
dawn of time
why the reason for my pain
its not my fault
must have been made to go insane
living in this hell
i dont know why
i dont give up
i must die
boiled in blood

adrenalin pumping through my veins
no sane thoughts remain
mind is being ripped and torn
how much more can i endure
adrenalin pupming through my veins
no sane thoughts remain
happiness is now devoured
hatred leaves my brain, scared
emotions ripping through my head
id often wished i was dead
growing feelings despair
now the hunt begins to flare
psychotic intentions rip through my mind
causing pain is so divine
now im their prey, my blood they spill
now its time i think i kill


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