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donna summer, donna summer arklar, donna summer ark szleri
1.a man like you377
2.a runner with the pack357
3.all systems go376
4.all through the night320
5.any way at all366
6.autumn changes428
7.back in love again322
8.back where you belong370
9.bad girls695
10.bad reputation345
11.black lady371
12.body talk337
13.born to die457
16.breath of heaven325
18.cant get to sleep at night460
19.cant we just sit down and talk it over438
20.carry on380
21.cats without claws345
22.christmas is here348
23.christmas medley315
24.christmas spirit388
25.cold love409
26.come with me378
27.could it be magic333
28.cry of a waking heart349
29.dance into my life379
30.dim all the lights380
31.dinner with gershwin342
33.dont cry for me argentina399
34.end of the week383
36.fairy tale high339
37.fairy tale high in album live and more323
39.faster and faster to nowhere361
40.faster and faster to nowhere in albumlive and more314
41.forgive me396
42.fred astaire374
44.friends unknown340
45.full of emptiness633
46.get ethnic385
47.grand illusion362
48.happily ever after416
49.heaven knows367
50.heavens just a whisper away379
51.hes a rebel527
52.highway runner314
53.hot stuff420
54.i believe in jesus367
55.i believe in you308
56.i do believe i fell in love304
57.i dont wanna get hurt441
58.i dont wanna work that hard426
59.i feel love719
60.i love you374
61.i love you live and more347
62.i need time371
63.i remember yesterday356
64.i remember yesterday in album live and more347
65.i remember yesterday reprise298
66.i will go with you411
67.if it hurts just a little334
68.if it makes you feel good328
69.if there is music there361
70.if you got it, flaunt it331
71.in another place and time328
72.its not the way384
73.ill be home for christmas438
74.im a rainbow455
75.im free444
77.journey to the centre of your heart328
78.lady of the night363
79.lamb of god314
80.last dance388
81.leave me alone329
82.let there be peace337
83.lets work together now436
84.little miss fit342
85.livin in america416
86.looking up351
87.love has a mind of its own335
88.love is in control345
89.love is just a breath away327
90.love is the healer367
91.love shock393
92.love to love you baby408
93.love will always find you330
94.loves about to change my heart874
95.loves unkind472
96.loves unkind in album live and more411
98.lush life351
99.mac arthur park354
100.mac arthur park reprise468
101.maybe its over465
103.melody of love wanna be loved354
104.mimis song431
105.mistaken identity361
106.my baby understands350
107.my life355
108.my man medley331
109.mystery of love355
110.need-a-man blues360
111.night life744
112.no more tears enough is enough291
114.now i need you359
115.o come all ye faithful630
116.o holy night626
117.oh billy please369
118.on my honor386
119.on the radio390
120.once upon a time1826
121.once upon a time in album live and more359
122.one night life in a lifetime321
123.one of a kind341
124.only one man366
125.only the fool survives310
126.our love394
127.pandoras box434
128.people people332
129.people talk375
131.queen for a day324
132.riding through the storm318
134.rumour has it326
135.rumour has it in album live and more382
136.rumour has it in album live and more647
137.say a little prayer346
138.say something nice356
140.she works hard for the money350
141.sing along sad song343
142.someone to watch over me295
143.spring affair364
144.spring affair in album live and more335
145.state of independence341
146.stop look and listen394
147.stop me361
148.summer fever427
149.sunset people325
150.supernatural love414
152.sweet emotion372
153.sweet romance362
154.take me388
155.the christmas song308
156.the hostage339
157.the only one346
158.the power of one321
159.the wanderer295
160.the way we were350
161.the woman in me331
162.theme once upon a time376
163.there goes my baby321
164.there will always be a you328
165.thinkin bout my baby492
166.this time i know its for real433
167.to turn the stone366
169.true love survives378
170.try me, i know we can make it325
171.try me, i know we can make it in album live and more304
172.unconditional love348
173.voices cryin out369
174.walk away401
175.walk on keep on movin378
177.what is it you want394
178.whatever your heart desires348
179.when love cries349
180.when love takes over you308
181.whispering waves333
182.white christmas396
183.who do you think youre foolin386
184.winter melody378
185.with your love719
187.work that magic354
188.working the midnight shift352
190.you to me333
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