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weve got no time to lose
your news is old news
hate this, hate me, hate this
right approach for the wrong
its time to spread the word
let the voice be heard
all of us, one of us, all of us
dominate and take the motherfucking world

mass prediction, unification
breathing life into out lungs
every creed and every kind
to give us depth for strength

taught when were young to hate one another
its time to have a new reign of power
make pride universal so no one gives in
turn our backs on those who oppose
then when confronted we ask them the question
thats wrong with their mind?
whats wrong with your mind?

(chorus) its time to rise

weve lived with past mistakes
and weve lived with our own
forgive, forget forgive
be a man, not a child
there are to tears for peace
of the common sympathies
educate, reinstate, educate
a thing of past
the trouble in the states

its time to rise


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