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regular people conceit ark sz

ive trampled on that road
that you think you own
you have that "smart ass" attitude
its time to stop the fiction

i live it every day
while youre minds far away
im out here putting pride on the line
and you case on me with pure respect
one chance at one thing
hard time is coming
my time, your pain
i reign on you

(pre) you think you own
i take away
take it with me
you think you own
i took away
made it my own

(chorus) most regular people would say its hard
and any streetwise son of a bitch knows
dont fuck with this

the so many times
you practice in your mirror
to be just like me
but you just cant see
you aint got the balls, son

i fight for love of brother
your friends fight one another
you cant see because your heads up your ass
and just in cast you think youre bad
i crush your rush
i rule you fool
im immovable stone in your world of weak -- i speak




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