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mouth for war ark sz

im screaming revenge again
ive been wrong for far too long
been constantly so frustrated
ive moved mountains with less
when i channel my hate to productive
i dont find it hard to impress

(pre) bones in traction
hands break to hone raw energy
bold and disastrous
my ears cant hear what you say to me

(chorus) hold your mouth for the war
use it for what isnt for
speak the truth about me

i feel a conquering will down inside me
the strength of many to crush
who might stop me
my strength is in number
and my soul lies in every one
the releasing of anger can better any medicine under the sun



there comes a time within everyone to close your eyes to whats real
no comprehension to fail
i vacuum the wind for my sail
cant be the rest
let others waste my time
owning success is the bottom line.
like a knife into flesh
after life is to death
pulling and punching the rest of duration
no one can piss on this determination


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