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hollow ark sz

whats left inside him?
dont he remember us?
cant he believe me?
we seemed like bothers
talked for hours last month
about what we wanna be
i sit now with his hand in mine
but i know he cant feel...

no one knows
whats done is done
its as if he were dead

im close with his mother
and she cries endlessly
lord how we miss him
at least whats remembered
its so important to make best friends in life
but its hard when my friend sits with blank expressions

no one knows
whats done is done
its as if he were dead

he as hollow as i alone now
he as hollow as i alone
a shell of my friend
just flesh and bone
theres no soul
he sees no love
i shake my fists at skies above
mad at god

he as hollow as i converse
i wish hed waken from this curse
hear my words before its through
i want to come in after you
my best friend

he as hollow as i alone


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