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cemetery gates ark sz

reverend reverend is this some conspiracy?
crucified for no sins
an image beneath me
whats within our plans for life
it all seems so unreal
im a man couldnt have feel this world
left in my misery...

the reverend he turned to me
without a tear in his eyes
its nothing new for him to see
i didnt ask him why
i will remember
the love our souls had
sworn to make
now i watch the falling rain
all my mind can see
now is your (face)

well i guess
you took my youth
i gave it all away
like the birth of a
new-found joy
this love would end in rage
and when she died
i couldnt cry
the pride within my soul
you left me incomplete
memories now unfold.

believe the word
i will unlock my door
and pass the
cemetery gates

sometimes when im alone
i wonder aloud
if youre watching over me
some place far abound
i must reverse my life
i cant live in the past
then set my soul free

belong to me at last
through all those
complex years
i thought i was alone

i didnt care to look around
and make this world my own
and when she died
i shouldve cried and spared myself some pain...
left me incomplete
all alone as the memories still remain

the way we were
the chance to save my soul
and my concern is now in vain
believe the word
i will unlock my door
and pass the cemetery gates


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