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steps to nowhere ark sz

your windows boarded up, your private lives exposed
the talk shows pump it up, lab rats diseased for show
were doomed to use the slang, outbreak of drug roulette
a church burned to the ground, not even noticed yet

13 steps (to nowhere)


a backwards swastika, the black skin riddled in lead
a nazi gangster jew, it beats a dog thats dead
its in to use the slang, outbreak of gun roulette
the cross slants to the side, will prove the damnedest yet

13 steps - leads to nowhere

the backlash dislocates, an untimely rei!
gn of
the wolf poked with the stick, awaits with cancerous breath
(leads to nowhere)

outsiders still suppose, theres holy streets to roam
the truth should not surprise, your homes were built on lies


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