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shrouded are the pleasures of flesh ark sz
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shrouded are the pleasures of flesh ark sz

[music: d.linden / ablaze my sorrow]
[lyrics: k.lonnsjo]

there is things about me you dont know
there is feelings in me ill never show
its an eerie sound in my head
why cannt i ever sleep?


sleepless nights i lie alone
watching watching on the wall
hour after hour until the light of day
then with the sun they disappear

its calling for me in tongues ive never heard
telling me to kill, telling me to die
voices in the darkness of my mind
like a childs painful cry

other occasions they command me
by terrifying visions of reality
i hope that some day i will be free
now im lost within myself

growing more deranged by every week
i feel a need to feast upon the weak
insanity wrapping its arms around me
enfolded i become enlightened and see

the taste of human flesh so sweet
i can feel the power flow from my hands to my feet


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