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dolly parton, dolly parton arklar, dolly parton ark szleri
1. to364
2.a better place to live324
3.a christmas to remember351
4.a cowboys ways568
5.a few old memories384
6.act like a fool379
7.after the goldrush344
8.all i can do341
9.almost in love327
10.appalachian memories324
12.as much as always325
13.as soon as i touched him355
14.baby come out tonight341
15.baby im burning538
16.barbara on your mind328
17.before the next teardrop falls327
18.behind closed doors356
19.best woman wins356
20.better part of life298
21.blue me454
22.blue valley songbird350
23.boulder to birmingham350
24.brave little soldier398
25.bubbling over383
27.burning to burned299
28.busy signal363
29.but you know i love you323
31.calm on the water342
32.cash on the barrelhead358
34.christmas without you315
35.coat of many colors354
36.could i have your autograph341
37.country road339
38.cowgirl & the dandy286
39.crippled bird341
40.cross my heart328
41.cry, cry darlin588
42.daddy come and get me372
43.dark as a dungeon387
44.deportee plane wreck at los gatos322
45.detroit city280
46.dirty job342
48.do i ever cross your mind337
49.dont call it love446
50.dont let it trouble your mind463
51.dont let me cross over549
53.down from dover321
54.down on music row293
56.dr robert f thomas365
57.dreams do come true345
58.dumb blonde385
59.dump the dude320
60.eagle when she flies361
61.early morning breeze369
62.elusive butterfly367
63.endless stream of tears357
64.even a fool would let go316
65.evening shade319
66.everyday hero327
68.farther along345
69.feels like home492
70.fish out of water389
71.for the good times305
72.fuel to the flame318
73.full circle364
74.gamble either way312
75.getting in my way355
76.god wont get you476
77.gods coloring book613
78.golden streets of glory384
79.great balls of fire326
80.green-eyed boy321
81.gypsy joe and me351
82.hard candy christmas312
83.harper valley pta314
84.he rode all the way to texas324
85.heartbreak express303
89.here i am347
90.here you come again384
91.hes a go getter572
92.hes alive450
93.high and mighty357
94.high sierra600
95.higher and higher340
96.highlight of my life305
97.hobos meditation635
98.holdin on to nothin487
99.holdin on to you624
100.hollywood potters338
101.honky tonk songs320
102.how does it feel310
103.hungry again325
104.hush-a-bye hard times354
105.i am ready459
106.i believe361
107.i believe in santa claus312
108.i cant help myself sugar pie, honey bunch442
109.i couldnt wait forever463
110.i dont want to throw rice369
111.i feel the blues movin in427
112.i forgot more than youll ever know450
113.i know you by heart328
114.i really dont want to know452
115.i really got the feeling383
116.i still lost you344
117.i still miss someone324
118.i took him for granted360
119.i walk the line288
120.i wanna go back there314
121.i wasted my tears360
122.i will always love you377
123.i wonder where you are tonight359
124.if teardrops were pennies316
125.if you need me332
126.in the ghetto331
127.in the good old days when times were bad348
128.islands in the stream317
129.it must be you305
130.its all wrong, but its all right430
131.ill make your bed470
132.ill never say good-bye469
133.ill oil wells love you429
134.im a drifter486
135.im gonna sleep with one eye open458
136.im in no condition491
137.im not worth the tears408
138.ive had enough522
139.jealous heart343
140.jeannies afraid of the dark470
143.joy to the world294
144.just because im a woman429
145.just someone i used to know318
146.just the way i am326
147.just when i needed you most312
148.kentucky gambler350
149.let her fly351
150.letter to heaven365
151.lifes like poetry428
152.light of a clear blue morning306
153.little bird325
154.little blossom345
155.little sparrow356
156.livin a lie445
157.lonely comin down474
158.love is like a butterfly432
159.lovers return462
160.lovin you466
161.make love work364
162.making believe318
163.making plans326
164.mama say a prayer458
165.me and little andy294
167.mommie, aint that daddy461
168.more than i can say355
169.more where that came from281
170.mule skinner blues359
171.my blue ridge mountain boy328
172.my blue tears355
173.my dear companion317
174.my tennessee mountain home324
175.never ending love467
176.nickels and dimes310
177.no good way of saying good-bye356
178.o little town of bethlehem269
179.old black kettle319
180.old flames cant hold a candle to you469
181.once in a very blue moon349
182.once upon a christmas324
183.one emotion after another337
184.one of those days298
185.paradise road335
186.peace train339
187.please dont stop loving me638
188.please help me im falling in love with you419
189.pms blues319
190.poor folks town286
191.potential new boyfriend311
192.preacher tom322
193.precious memories365
194.prime of our love315
195.put a little love in your heart306
196.put it off until tomorrow345
197.queen of the tabloids306
198.real love344
199.red hot screaming love305
200.release me327
201.river of happiness322
203.rockin years524
205.rosewood casket450
206.rudolph the red nosed reindeer459
207.runaway feelin483
208.santa claus is coming to town323
209.satin sheets366
211.save the last dance for me301
212.savin it for you662
213.send me the pillow that you dream on325
214.shattered image317
215.she dont love you like i love you398
216.she never met a man she didnt like403
217.shine on349
218.silver and gold321
219.silver dagger378
220.silver threads and golden needles338
221.sing for the common man345
222.single women439
223.slow dancing with the moon312
224.slow healing heart302
225.something fishy372
226.something special318
227.somethings burning479
228.speakin of the devil415
229.star of the show285
230.starting over again331
231.stay out of my bedroom345
232.steady as the rain348
233.still on your mind326
234.straight talk322
235.sure thing366
236.sweet music man319
237.sweet summer lovin492
238.take me back to the country342
239.teach me to trust346
240.telling me lies328
241.tennessee homesick blues311
242.the bargain store309
243.the blue train310
244.the camels heart388
245.the carroll county accident309
246.the christmas song360
247.the company you keep333
248.the fire that keeps you warm321
249.the first noel308
250.the giving and the taking323
251.the grass is blue326
252.the great pretender291
253.the greatest gift of all294
254.the house of the rising sun355
255.the last thing on my mind316
256.the little things293
257.the man360
258.the moon, the stars, and me312
259.the mystery of the mystery344
260.the pain of loving you331
261.the right combination335
262.the river unbroken344
263.the salt in my tears297
264.the seeker317
265.the way i see you346
267.think about love316
268.those memories of you312
269.thought i couldnt dance460
270.tie our love in a double knot345
271.time and tears316
272.time for me to fly272
273.to daddy342
274.to know him is to love him499
275.today i started loving you again345
276.too lonely too long342
277.touch your woman350
278.train, train342
279.traveling man354
280.travelin prayer466
281.turn turn turn to everything there is a season350
282.two doors down340
283.two little orphans347
284.two lovers333
285.unlikely angel348
286.wait til i get you home472
287.walking on sunshine364
288.walter henry hagan379
289.wayfaring stranger333
290.we had it all327
291.we might be in love340
292.we used to333
293.well sing in the sunshine494
294.what a heartache334
295.what do you think about loving332
296.what is it my love296
297.what will baby be286
298.when jesus comes calling for me342
299.when someone wants to leave356
300.when the sun goes down tomorrow308
301.when were gone, long gone719
302.when you tell me that you love me307
303.whenever forever comes342
304.where beauty lives in memory336
305.white limozeen304
306.why cant we441
307.why, why, why356
308.whyd you come in here lookin like that465
309.wild texas wind357
310.wildest dreams369
312.will he be waiting for me309
313.wings of a dove305
314.with bells on361
315.with you gone308
316.working girl354
317.wrong direction home301
318.yellow roses441
319.you got me over a heartache tonight328
320.your kisses are charity319
321.your ole handy man349
322.youll never be the sun441
323.youre the only one426
324.youve lost that lovin feeling512
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