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dokken, dokken arklar, dokken ark szleri
1.alone again359
2.back for the attack370
3.back in the streets362
4.bitter regret358
5.breaking the chains383
6.bullets to spare324
7.burning like a flame384
8.change the world301
9.convenience store messiah290
10.cracks in the ground373
11.crazy mary goes round356
12.cry of the gypsy360
13.day after day711
14.deep waters329
15.dont close your eyes439
16.dont lie to me482
17.dream warriors346
19.erase the slate369
21.felony another version423
22.from the beginning437
23.hard to believe371
24.haunted lullabye356
25.heartless heart342
26.heaven sent409
28.here i stand352
29.hole in my head329
30.how many lives375
31.i cant see you639
32.i dont mind477
33.i feel360
34.i will remember591
35.in my dreams388
36.in the middle392
37.in your honor347
38.inside looking out315
39.into the fire342
40.its not love584
41.jaded heart354
42.just got lucky358
43.kiss of death355
44.lesser of two evils345
46.lightnin strikes again467
47.live to rock380
48.long way home330
49.lost behind the wall331
50.maddest hatter362
51.mr scary608
52.night by night334
54.nothing left to say377
56.paris is burning431
58.prisoner another version329
59.puppet on a string417
60.seven thunders372
61.shadows of life339
63.sign of the times305
64.sky beneath my feet374
65.sleepless nights424
66.slight return485
67.slippin away545
68.so many tears387
69.standing in the shadows323
70.stick to your guns379
71.stop fighting love381
72.sweet chains371
73.sweet life398
74.the hunter436
75.the maze409
76.til the livin end632
77.too high to fly353
78.tooth and nail352
79.turn on the action596
80.unchain the night385
81.until i know493
82.upon your lips328
83.voice of the soul747
84.walk away415
85.were going wrong504
86.what price353
87.when heaven comes down380
88.who believes382
89.will the sun rise369
90.young girls915
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