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fiend ark sz


whats behind your painted face
can you see the real pig in the mirror
revenge you breed i hate
your skeletons begging to get out one by one
dont let your secrets get out
keep it in the brain dead circle
this is you
create a new fantasia
cause it beats hating yourself, hating yourself

you came first in to mind
known to feel unkind
blind by what were showing
known to feel unkind

violet pretty show your face
youre always fiending
so you crave
laying the dumb ones down
you love the thrill of the chase
this is you
i laid you down then walked on you
torrid binges bit you throughout
misery for two
im choking on your sweetness


i took fifteen from you
and youll never get this back
truly disgraceful
dont you know youre not the lucky one
you cant promise me
you dont know
promise me youll know


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