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fetisha ark sz

day glow all of you
made for those little sick ones
played out in super drag
mistreat another piece of you
pleasing you was a trick
raping you all with a stick
arming up with more reasons to snap you out of bliss
cut-out of aleister fiend
youre entering this machine
glaring one eye for me
just a second and a chance to see you
violated by a crowd of me
its getting bigger like you used to be

tell them all she wont be back
cause she needed a change
turned away from her fears
shes been falling down
tell them all shes gonna be gone gone gone
just listen to me
cause she needed the friends
she will always be, she will always be
because she needed the friends
she will always know me
she will always know me, she needed the fringe
deemed to follow the fears
before she goes
she will always know me


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