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blue monday ark sz

how does it feel to treat me like you do?
when youve laid your hands upon me
and told me who you are
i thought i was mistaken
i thought i heard your words
tell me, how do i feel
tell me now, how do i feel

those who came before me
lived through their vocations
from the past until completion
theyll turn away no more
and i still find it so hard
to say what i need to say
but im quite sure that youll tell me
just how i should feel today
i see a ship in the harbor
i can and shall obey
but if it wasnt for your misfortune
id be a heavenly person today
and i thought i was mistaken
and i thought i heard you speak
tell me how do i feel
tell me now, how should i feel
now i stand here waiting...
i thought i told you to leave me
while i walked down to the beach
tell me how does it feel
when your heart grows cold


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