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walk in new york ark sz

one time one time...thats it
this the onyx shit know what im sayin
coming out the mother fucking crevices
coming out the fucking cracks like snakes boy
word to mother
all my niggas in queens and ya dont stop
all my niggas in brooklyn and ya dont stop
all my niggas in uptown and ya dont stop
all my niggas in the boogiewoogie and ya wont stop
we gonna set this shit new york style

verse 1:

we dont throw gang signs in new york
we just be on some shit in new york
new york city, shiftee low down gritty
you punk niggaz yell pity and smell shitty
nypd can suck my dick
this is the way we rip shit from the bricks
walking like a zombie smoking blunts in the lobby
i be rolling with my niggas behind me take em off
attention; fuck all that slippin and inchin
im rappin loot snatchin staying greasy the shit aint easy
im coming raw hide
seirous as a 45
the damn streets are eager to take more lives
fuck it, its my home-hate it or appreciate it
its the tour 8 million story orientated
designated and made for the real renegade
so i never been afraid to start car-they get paid

this is the way we walk in new york
this is the way we walk in new york
this is the way we walk in new york
this is the way we walk in new york

verse 2:

ima stay on my job
cause thats my adventure
i was bred to be a big gainer
who cant contain a placenta
the usg witch
make me switch like a skitso
when red rummin gets so hot
but never blow back to the cold spot
if the heat got too much
ima slide down south
outta town bout-leave the home
or ill move shit down
on keyed lock
we rock (all nuthin)
and then newyork niggaz was pulling your shit- your shit wsnt right
we known to start shit up
from trends to riots to ruckus
and big enough to fuck up anybody that wanna attack us
and thats cause the fire burns are deep
most of us are peeps-ture newyork niggaz play for keeps

(wanna be a part of it--new york is always starting shit)

fuck them
ima a nasty native (new yorker)
the full of shit talker
the dark street walker
shining in time stalker
bringin it back to reality
this is for my niggaz in nyc
not since 76
since the knicks won the championships
hasnt been some more shit like this
so back up get up and ass up and my rap wax sound
my shots ring loud
and panic the crowd
(blow em up) get up-my sounds downtown
(hold em up) gimme everthing right now


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