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ladies and gentlemen
welcome aboard official nastee airlines, flight 188

intro/chorus: onyx

kill it in the club, baby show some love
my real thugs, where you at? baby throw ya gats
to all the ladies in the spot, show me what ya got
big cats in the back, get rocked what, react
(repeat 2x)

real thug shit unplugged
ladies lust, angel dust, aim and bust
bitches who nod, the bulletproof rides coke in my eyes
and got me shootin at a ghost cause it looks alive
to cloak,? no leaks in gunsmoke
here to get those, snakes get it the most
gs overdose, we wreck toast to deaf notes
tech blows, i only put a hole in your leg so..

ladies and gentlemen

its going on right now
official nast dont be playin around, we lay it down
dead you, for the whole win, leave you frozen
crime scene reporter snap shots like you posin
you got in the way, sorry to say
you shoulda known, shinin on sonsees not in the day
all the niggaz in my zone, my close affiliates
be rippin it illin it adrenaline spendin and killin shit

[fredro starr]
yo, yo
im on some other shit, run up on your mother shit
hockey mask, black tape, tapin up your baby brother shit
two guns, one in your face, one in my waist
empty the safe, hit em with the glock he caught a stray shot
fucked his girl and made him watch, made a death wish
i cut his throat now wear that like a necklace, respect this
twenty-two shots bodily harm, goodbye to your legs
goodbye to arms goodbye to your moms

[50 cent]
the shitll happen so fast, the gat blast left his brains on the glass
in a dash i snatched the cash and fled off in a flash
the only thing i ever lost i couldnt find was time
son some crackers locked me up thats how i lost my mind
hit him from behind four times and toss the nine, fuck him
he didnt listen told him give me the shine
the sick shit is when the police, came around to get me
the killers who was with me, snitchin sayin it was 50


fuck the rap skit, x and the drug complex
when convictsll start conflicts, kill they own accomplice
life in the drain niggaz moneys got my gold chain thicker
whole brain sicker, hall of fame nigga
from coast to coast i keep the toast
my weekly gross, leave you deeply froze
half dead close to ghost, yo you heartless
your heart pump piss, regardless if you a thug or rap artist

[sticky fingaz]
ahhhhhhhh i seen death, almost died twice tonight
sell my own mother out if the price is right
i hate life, gimme the glock
about to join biggie and pac and you comin like it or not
get off me! let me go, dont hold me back
where my real thugs at? baby throw ya gat!
sticky fingaz, from out your darkest fears
i make you meet your maker, make you meet the man upstairs


killin it (2x)


ladies and gentlemen
welcome aboard official nastee airlines, flight 188

word up yo, official nast
gettin cream, onyx, we move with the many crews
we let you know right now, we shuttin shit down
nine-eight, word up get your shit straight
you think your shit hot? stick your shit up
what? bring yo shit to the club
bring yo heat to the street
official nast, shuttin shit down -- what?!

ladies and gentlemen
welcome aboard official nastee airlines, flight 188


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