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phat n all dat ark sz

(phat phat..)

chorus: onyx

phat, phat; pha-da-dah-da-dah, da-dah-dah-di-dah
were phat n alla dat!
phat, phat; pha-da-dah-da-dah, da-dah-dah-di-dah
were phat n alla dat!

[fredro starr]
its the phat funky blunt roller, the rock flipper
proof ive been right, damn right, the gun gripper
look, no hands but damn, ooh i got a handle
vandalistic, sarcastic phat tricks
aah, ohh yeah, dear dime a dozen
den discuss em when i be bustin with my crews, and crimies
how ya like dat? phat da-dat da dah-dah, huh
rat-a-tat, splatter one, jump in the vat son
flat as a blue bag of boom for ya buddha benders
i know youre breakin on the phat tracks were makin
so sonee seeza, youre next up to bat
phat-a-tat-tat stay strapped, be so phat!


p-h-a-t! (phat phat..)

[sonee seeza]
boy ya best to move over cause we takin the crazys place
phat, ready for combat, stacked, with all that tracks
not a re-run, but its fatter than (??)
im rockin the grimy clubs, get blunted with sasquatch
im here to let you know, onyx wont lack what it takes
i scrape, the scrubs comes off in the bath
kind of like a diamond; im a hard black kid
move me think youre schemin to get the semen out my
cock-a-doodle-doo, huh, who ya think ya kiddin?
these four villians kills women, have crews do dealin
straight up, you had enough? im callin your bluff
body offender, so surrender, kid you aint tough
you can get some phatter stuff (huh) i got it
but first just purchase my joint, you cant be without it

its p (phat) h (phat) a (phat) t (phat)
p-h-a-t, p-h-a-t!
p (phat) h (phat) a (phat) t (phat)
p-h-a-t, p-h-a-t!
p (phat) h (phat) a (phat) t (phat)
p-h-a-t, p-h-a-t!
p-h-a-t! (phat phat..)

[sticky fingaz]
every ten years, they unleash phat sound
well its time for sticky fingaz, gods gift to the underground
for cryin out loud, its enough youre makin sick and i
wants revenge can i die for my music?
you dont understand, i worship hardcore
they never shoulda let me get my boot in the door
and if you think thats a bluff, then you got me all wrong son
gettin phat like this is easier said than done
raise up, rise and shine!
i woke up on wrong side of the bed this time
now its time to get phat, n all of dat!!
(the phat rap scripts tips scales go longer than endless trials
play my part, stay sharp as darts and nails)
ahhh shut the hell up (chill) and dont hold me back, black
im?? my own freestyle im ready to rip the track
onyx is back, so phat we need slim fast
(with the boom, check the boom, check the boom body bash!!)



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