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live niguz ark sz

let all the live niguz in
kick all the bitch ass niguz out
we came to rock and shock the house
turn it out and out and out

aiyo the words could get intricate, vocabs in my temple
but imma do this wit a tempo, instrumental is what im into
(for the money) its essential, and i gotta have it
a verb addict without a author, wit the herbals, we hurt who
ever try to defy these guys, they fry
and thems get it, so all that shit you say, come on, kid kill it
you yap, not sellin that crap and hurtin me up and back slappin
you wouldnt know crunch time if you was the captain
its here, and yea, we the called, the senders
and its time to get live once more, we back on this agenda
and for ya hopeful niggas, trynna be contenders
and we come down like loose coats in the winter


[fredro starr]
aint no slackin in my action
i pull my back and beatin tracks in
official nast, cold smashin, joints happen (yo what happen?)
nothin just niggas bustin caps when i was rappin
cuz niggas be packin pretty brown handle biz, who just a faction
but factual react, if frontin and fakin jacks, its all a sudden
but there better be no proscratin, wit reaction when ya rappin
cuz when you maxin and relaxin, thats when they start attackin
so get the gats, forget the facts, and like theres no compassion
kick me, cuz im a daisy street, as cold as the alaskan
bought my braids, bought my hat, and staten stay stackin


[sticky fingaz]
give me the shottie, let me liven up the party
i like to start trouble, cuz im a little rowdy
we just three mcs, that like to fight
even when we start the shit, we always end it right
so all of ya, frontins bad for ya health
cuz in the 93, my army goin for self
kids is cruel, more causin then these fucked up conditions
that we all hate, but fuck it if this our fate
just listen up to what i say
the feds get shot daily, every day
even my man got killed, that was families mournin
but from all the dirty bid, i know that hell is callin
went to his wake and shit got held up
but niggas wit mask on they face
i couldnt escape, i was stuck
they said "everybody in here, up against the wall
the dead nigga owe me money, so ill collect from yall"
the people gave him struggle, 5 minutes went fast
when i said "i aint givin ya nigga shit, ima just have to get blast"
and representin wit my life, im full fledged thief
and im the truth, thats why we always have beef


and we do it like this, and we do it like that
rules and regulations, so watch ya back, and pack a gat
never fall asleep, keep ya heat in the streets
cuz goin out, iz what its all about


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