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judgment night ark sz

judgment night, got gun got badge
judgment night, huh!
judgment night, in the echo of a gunblast
judgment night!!!

over here, and bust the way, crush a sucka gutter
sun dont cease at a hundred degrees im coolin in your freezer
(hes a breezer) i hits it up with that bald faced rap
i sinks to the crack, and i make shit get wild
run it by, bust to start, to punch, others front
top drop ceasar, its more than a leisure
bitch every fuckin grain in your brain, like a tweezer
the sinister thief, shaded to six feet deep
for the misdemeanor, offender, the backbender (uh)
corny nigga, the bullshit trip ender (yeah)
never perpetratin, so aint no lurkin in the dark
im lurkin near the workin niggaz heart
used to be a gambler, when i was a scrambler
now im grand to her, shorty back might damage her
whos this here, state my facts, and react
and saturate brains with a plate of hot wax
intertwining, combining and aligning, shining, studies
in the light right now while we wreak fuckin havoc!


come inside with his highness, the illinest
killin em with adrenalin, blast past the minimum
look to the winters ugliness, ruggedness
under the rug, front to this, money strikes confidence
chopped in the days and the blazin smell
then the realm of a seance, i blackloose, guns!
comin to the project, walls with aks
were talkin days, word, that you sun
you really want some next shit, some blood on the exit?
onyx!!! watch me wreck shit as they exit
but yo i keep em hollerin, screamin out for mercy
minds of a lowest of enemies, ghetto mentality
so blast it as i hit your head youre dead not disbelievin
got the toxic rock, to bring a nigga biohazard!


yo!!! gimme that shit, you fuckin baldheaded bastard!
(what the evil nastee access?) mad shit to burn the acids!
(so ashes to ashes) raps with the ghetto gats!
(and im, doin niggaz ruin em showin em my razzamatazz
mainly a devil rebel, foul) niggaz know we fuckin wild!
(im wild!) im wild (hes wild) so wes wild!
(capture the rapture!) come blackness after!

[sticky fingaz]
i swear to fuckin god i raise hell and make the white man call me master
im six-six-six, and need to repent to the pastor
so fuck the radio and close your ears but read my lips i rips
and if you eat my words ill leave your strung like umm (umm, ummmhh!!)
it was on the tip of my tongue!
but now its stuck in between my throat
i cant breath so i lick it
onyx aint the top pick, you must be suckin a black dick
and if it takes the death of me, to make history
the whole world will remember my misery
i know what im tryin to say my words get in the way
they render me speechless, ohh black jesus im cryin inside
couldnt give a fuck if i live or die
cause im just a slave whos brave (uh-huh)
but fuck pickin cotton, id rather see my grave, so i
meditated, before i was created
and if you prefer sorrow, made me reincarnated
now im back rulin mcs but pussy niggaz increase
well then its just another nigga that, gotta get greased
so if you wanna talk shit, in order to avoid a fight
say what the fuck you wanna say, just spell my name right
yeahhhhhhhhhhhh..... mother-fucker!

-chorus to fade-


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