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jackin for beats ark sz

- several different beats are used in this song
like ice cubes "jacking for beats"

(jigga my nigga-jay-z)
whats my muthafuckin name
and who im rollin wit
all my killas
uh uh uh labels better get it right
rappers better gimme that beat fool
clik clik you been robbed now
you didnt know sticky fingaz on ya track now
somebody said you number 1 in the streets
thats why im coming for you first jackin your beat
i took ya beat and rearranged it on some dumb shit
got robbed on the radio broad day public
the thugs loved it its not a game
went solo on that ass but its still the same

(holla holla-ja rule)
beat robba robba
jackin rappers beats and make em hotta hotta
stealin all ya spins plus ya dollas dollas
killas if you feel me just folla folla (what, come on)
take it to the streets hold ya gats and bust the heat
even if its off your plate i gots to eat
im on some bullshit for no apparent reason
i want it wit yall im ready to die breathin

(hate me now-nas)
its the rappers i rob
the beats that i take
the labels i snake
for 30 grand help you perform at the wake
touch ya life and everything i touch i take
hate me now cuz later gon be too late
i merk you
everything i spit is controversial
im the illest killa they ever signed to universal
f the fordham
im god son
as soon as they blink bet ya bottom dolla ima rob em

(how to rob-50 cent)
my sticky fingaz turn fists across ya jaw
beat ya ass in real life at the source awards
the real fifty from brooklyn god bless he got outed
you just a fake clown who front and rout about it
i got a new deal
for a few mil
shoot to kill
you fruity like dru hill
you spare change you aint even half a man cuz
matter of fact you aint even half the man ya moms was

oh you thought you was safe, ha
though you could escape, ha
cuz we label mates, ha
oh you thought i wouldnt get yo cake, ha
you thought that beat from the dirty south wasnt gon get raped, ha
and birds wanna have sticky baby, ha
dogs run around stayin sticky crazy, ha
he aint got no type of sense, ha
no tellin what i do
might even jack my own crew

(throw ya gunz-onyx)
the original take em out bring em out dead
comin at me wrong kid i put that thing to ya head
sticky fingaz going for self call the cops
dont even talk to me about the onyx shit youll get shot

(play around-lil cease)
5 oclock in the morning killas at ya door
colt 4-4 im puttin chalk on your floor
find you up the block from ya house dead in the store
work the beat like pigeons and im bucking em all
press ya luck and youll fall
neva seen nothing this raw
im what the world been waitin for
wait no more
this wack shit cant take no more
shouldve been banned the streets shouldve made it a law

(what ya want-eve)
im ready for war
what ya niggas want (what, what, what, bring it)
cant touch
all yall niggas sweet even rob swizz beats
nowadays producers gettin 50 gs
jack they beat kid i did my track for free
jerk you for ya pub i aint payin a fee
i just loop it up on the mpc

(the party is goin on over here-busta rhymes)
long as you live neva seen nothing this while
took ya beat and flipped it right in my style
just payin back niggas be bitin my style
and if its dead in the crowd i put some life in the crowd
gods gift to the underground
running em down
fucking em down
empires be tumblin down
the end of the world is comin around
throw ya ass in the ground
nothing to lose
changing the rules
playin for keeps
ima shark in the waters it aint safe in the streets
sticky fingaz and im jackin for beats


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