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ghetto starz ark sz

yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
im a rapper turned rock star
word up, what i wanna know
yo, im a rapper turned rock star
what, what, what, what
im a rapper turned rock star
yo, yo, yo

[fredro starr]
im a rapper turned rock star, in a hot car
what yall? the black prop with the crowbar
no plates off the lot it costs a lot
you forced to watch hands take they hand off the glock
money dont stop long as i stay hot
cook it up, chop it up, put it on the block
bust a bullet on the chart till we hit the top
nigga not too thick, the fold, im dipped in gold
you half a gram niggas, can never slam niggas
what part you dont understand? im the man nigga

chorus: mr. cheeks (repeat 2x)

why not? makin moves and gettin money with my team
we them ghetto starz, this here is far from a dream
official nas, here to get up in that ass
word up, pour some liquor in my cup and pass

yo, word up kid, theres mad money in this
grab the mic, handle your business
this here is for official niggas only, no beginners
about my heavy metal, run the ghetto, where my sinners?
you feel me in my crazy world, i only deal with sinners
hearin local reports from out the vocal laws up in the game
you violate nigga, i swear i tear you out the frame
yall niggas know the name, we represent the burrough queens
with the same routines run with yall gats to smithereens

official nas, and l-b fam
bringin you the jam from the queen-shy to get green-shy
rob with us, shorty its all live, peep the vibe
as we keep you wired, so up the stakes, cut the cake
regulate, we delegate and dead they take
thats a rapper that its official, track for track
i back slap you, with my other platinum plaques
you whack rap hopefulls, have you noddin like the dope do
any member of my crewll roze you
number one spot, took that
onyx show, book that
got a bet, better know where to put that

[chorus] x 2

i smoke weed in cars that cost more than your house
i got a fly chick with gats, hold coke in her blouse
im talkin about a hundred gs, show sold out
so you see that, you better shut your mouth
i used to scheme on niggas that had more than me
now im that nigga and niggas scheme on me
i got a ghetto mentality
if a nigga front, im gattin em
i never had nothin, now my rolex is platinum
i be the same man, rich or poor
wildin out at the club, time to hit the floor
outside i got the infa, in the ferrari cockpit
fuck partyin with yall, we already got shit
you rockless, nina you aint got no props
let me see you at the awards this years, i blow your spot
even at a rich event, you can still get shot
fuck that, as of now onyx back in the mack
we guaranteed to start fights everytime we rap
yo, who got next? who got first?
im god son, the illest nigga on this earth, what?

[chorus] x 4


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