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really sain somethin ark sz

hey yeah yeah

i was walking down the street (doo waddy wah)
when this boy started following me (oh yeah)
now i ignored all the things he said (doo waddy wah)
he moved me in every way
with his collar unbuttononed
on my side he was strutn

he was really saying something (saying something)
really saying something (saying something)
bop bop shoo be doo wah
bop bop shoo be doo wah

he flirted evry step of the way (doo waddy wah)
i could hear evry word hed say (oh yeah)
my resistence was getting low (doo waddy wah)
and my feelings started to show
my heart started thumping
blood pressure jumping

he walked me to my door (doo waddy wah)
i agreed to see him once more (oh yeah)
lady like it may not be (doo waddy wah)
but he moved me tremendously
although he was bold
my heart he stole

(chorus repeat fade)


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