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weener ark sz

roses roses bloom in red in daytime
but when the sun it fades all of their
colour turns grey and they try to
keep their grace but it just fades
they look like dogshit on a steak
bloody steak i mask myself into the
night with you smoking pot with you
is cool and everything that we do too
were going to the disco youre
swaying like a queen but it hits me
hardly that your beauty is unseen.

roses bloom in red for roses have no
heart and it feels like roses will be
tearing us apart.

i had a pretty dream about a little
redhaired girl she came up to my face
and boy she lifted up her skirt tasting her
salty honey i got stuck between her
tights i wake up on a toilet the girl sits
next to me sitting on the tap she lifts one
lip begins to pee right into my mouth then
the walls are falling down demons in my
garden winter stairs in dressing gowns if
you think that time is matched you can
count me out.


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