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urban laughter ark sz

and the fighting it went on, they were fighting till the crack of dawn
urban laughter in the skies, in the end there was no one to survive
oh that was an evil day, urban laughter took me far away
blood in mud, sulphur in clay, no god appeared it was an evil day
still can hear them now, urban laughter

insane warcries all around, lost my legs and now im to the ground
giant horses armed in red, with fire nostrils oh they never bled
their ghoulish riders made of tar, crushed my head and turned my brain to jar
flying swordsmen, three balrogs, their wipping tails tearing right trough raw rocks
still can hear them now, urban laughter

and ti feels like emptiness has taken over, and it hurts like everything is gone and over

nail your guts onto that tree, the many rounds you go your friends are free
my memories fade into grey, relief of pain my soul is far away


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