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my lovely senorita ark sz

my lovely senorita is sweeter than the apples grown in winter
i love her so badly, she just shakes me madly and i will always be her man.
her husband always hits her and treats her like she was nothing,
so i decide to kill that swine and im gonna do it now.

i put some poison in his morning-coffee, he enters the arena.
the torro realizes at once: this is an easy game for me!
he pierces him up with his horns and tramples him until the guts run out
and now hes lying on the floor. hihihihi!!!!!
im just a boy whos inventions are bad
ive scored wont you make her wanna give me head!?

and the story is to be continued......

her wedding gown is white and bright, we climb the stairs to the chapel right.
the swallows turn in blueish height and we are married full of fright.
ill always live in faith to you, no matter where were going to, no matter what
will ever be, ill respect you youll respect me. so children come and children go,
our dna is mixed and floats, floats since the day that she gave birth, the waving
star to life on earth. all angels found a heaven here to work and learn and
disappear to learn again that all is one to gather round and have some fun.
nasty fun.


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